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misaditas_fic's Journal

misaditas' farscape fanfic
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I am a huge Crais fan. I make no apologies for that or the fact that all the Farscape fic features him heavily.

I have three Serial Fictions in progress at the moment:

From Here to Where - Scorpius wants Talyn and is prepared to go to any lengths to get him, even recreating the hybrid project and sending out a second ship. For Tesan Solis, Prowler pilot, what starts out as a simple mission of retrival becomes ever more complicated as she discovers more about herself... and the man she has been sent to kill.

Season 3 Monster Remix - an alternate season 3, written to prompts from songs off REM's Monster album. Crais/Aeryn.

Hybrid - alternative season 4. Aeryn leaves John and Moya (Dog With Two Bones) and finds herself at the site of the Carrier's destruction. Here she discovers something that should not be possible...